New Online Community Preservation Initiatives Report (Online CP-3)

August 2008: The Department of Revenue (DOR) issued an important CPA Bulletin (Bulletin 2008-08b). According to the bulletin, communities must now submit a report detailing all approved CPA projects in order to receive their matching funds from the statewide CPA Trust Fund. The projects must be entered into a new online CPA database by the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) prior to September 15th, in order for the community to receive its matching funds each fall.

The bulletin includes details on all three annual CPA reporting forms. The change announced today affects the CP-3 form, which is used by communities to report their approved CPA projects to the state. Previously, municipalities were required to submit a short, paper CP-3 each year. DOR's announcement today makes two major changes to the CP-3:

1. The data collection for the CP-3 ("Community Preservation Initiatives Report") will now take place online. CPCs should identify a point person to complete this form. That person can obtain a password to access the online form by calling DOR at 617-626-2384 or emailing

2. Completion of your CP-3 report is now required by September 15th in order to receive your community's trust fund matching check.

Also, DOR clarified that it is the responsibility of the CPC to complete the online form.

Here are the important links you will need:   

CPA Bulletin (Bulletin 2008-08b)

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