All grant recipients are required to accept the Grant and to sign the Grant Contract, the form of which is set forth on Attachment VII-A.


This year the CPC also adopted a requirement that all projects with a cost of $10,000 or greater will need to comply with certain Procurement Guidelines.  The Procurement Guidelines are attached to this report following the Grant Contract.




Attachment VII-A

Nahant Community Preservation Committee:  Grant Contract


[Town of Nahant Letterhead]`


[__________  ___, 20__]



[Grant Recipient]

Re:___________________________________________(the “Project”)

Dear M_ ___________:

Congratulations!  It is with great pleasure that we inform you that as a result of Town Meeting action at the 20__ Annual/Special Town Meeting the Town of Nahant (“Town”)has awarded [Grant Recipient] a grant under the Community Preservation Act (“CPA”) in the amount of ________________ and 00/00 Dollars ($______.00) (the “Grant”). 

Please note that the Grant is subject to certain requirements, including the acceptance of the Grant and the execution of this Grant Contract.  A copy of the Town Meeting vote awarding the grant and the further requirements are attached to this letter.  Please look them over carefully as compliance with the Town Meeting vote and the requirements is a condition of the Grant..  Please note that the Grant period begins on July 1, 20__ ,and that the project and all deliverables must be completed by ____ __, 20__[ if applicable].

Please confirm your acceptance of this Grant award, and your agreement to comply with any condition referred to above by signing the enclosed acceptance form. Please mail the acceptance form to the Town to the attention of, the Town Administrator by _____ __, 20__.  After you have done so, we will mail the contract for you to sign. If you have any questions, please call the office of the Town Administrator at 781.581.9927.

The Town looks forward to the contribution that your project will make to the quality and uniqueness of the Town of Nahant.

Thank you.



Town of Nahant

CPA Committee





Town of Nahant

Community Preservation Act

Grant Requirements


You must follow certain requirements as you carry out your Grant. If you have any questions, please call the Town Administrator, Mark Cullinan, at 781.581.9927.

Limitation on the use of Grant funds

• Grant funds may be expended only for project purposes set forth in the proposal as approved or subsequently amended.

• Grant funds are to be disbursed only after required matching funds are expended.  Disbursement of Grant funds are to be made as provided in this Grant Contract either in a lump sum after completion of the project and/or upon submission of the Deliverables and Final Report, or as work progresses.

• The Grant Recipient shall promptly refund any unexpended balance of the Grant.

Other Provisions

• Preservation Grant Recipients must comply with the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties.

• A Preservation Grant restriction will be required for all Preservation Grants.

• The Grant Recipient must request extension of Grant period, budget changes or programmatic changes in writing.


• The Grant Recipient must match their Grant award in the percentage approved by the Town.  Matching funds must be in cash unless the Town has approved in-kind match. Cash matches require that actual money change hands and must be documented with copies of invoices and cancelled checks.

• In-kind matches include goods and services donated by individuals or organizations for which a fair market value can be determined. Identify, document, and value the item and/or service.

The following is a recommended format for valuing and documenting in-kind matches:

            Contributed Time

            Name of Individual

            _________________              _____hours X $__ /hour= $_______

            Contributed Materials. and/or. Services .

            Types of Materials and/or Services          .           Value

            ____________________________                $______]


Grant Accounting Records

• The Grant Recipient shall maintain adequate and appropriate  accounts, records, and other evidence pertaining to all matches.

• The Grant Recipient shall maintain adequate and appropriate  accounts, records, and other evidence pertaining to costs incurred under this Grant so that project expenditures can be clearly identified.

• All disbursements by the Grant Recipient shall be supported by copies of invoices, sales slips, cash register receipts, checks, etc.

• Records must be kept on file for a minimum of three years following termination of the Grant period.


• The Grant Recipient will acknowledge CPA support in all materials publicizing or resulting from Grant activities. All print and other production materials should include an acknowledgement of CPA Grant support.

• Acknowledgement language should read “This project is funded in part by a grant under the Community Preservation Act”.

• Preservation and Open Space Grant Recipients will prominently display an exterior project sign provided by the Town.

Deliverables and Final Report

• [ If Grant funds are to be disbursed as work progresses, the Grant Recipient shall submit such documentation as may be required in this Grant Contract as a condition to such periodic disbursements.]

• Annual and Final Report: At the end of each calendar year and at the end of the project period, the Grant Recipient shall submit a report of activities undertaken and an evaluation of their effectiveness in attaining the goals of the project.  The grantee shall also submit final documentation of matching funds expended, and a final budget report.

• [ If applicable, All deliverables should be completed by _____ __, 20__]


Exhibits and Schedules

The following Exhibits and Schedules are attached to this Grant Contract and are incorporated herein and made a part hereof for all purposes:

            1. Town Meeting Vote

            2.  Procurement Guidelines




Date:  ____________

The undersigned, having read and understood the Town of Nahant Community Preservation Act Grant award letter dated _____ __, 20__, agrees to accept the Grant award and comply with all of the requirements related thereto as applicable.

‘[Grant Recipient]                                                                   


       Authorized Signature

Date:  ____________

The undersigned is not able to accept the Grant Award offered by the Town of Nahant under the Community Preservation Act.

‘[Grant Recipient]                                                                   


       Authorized Signature

Date:  ____________