Spring Election Recap

6/14/2010: This spring's election season had it all: efforts to adopt CPA, change the optional CPA exemptions - even a successful election to raise a town's CPA surcharge. Here are the results from across the state:

* The town of Dighton in Southeastern Massachusetts voted to adopt CPA at a 1% surcharge level, bringing the total number of CPA communities up to 143 - over 40% of all municipalities statewide!

 * In Manchester-by-the-Sea, voters approved a ballot question to raise the town's CPA surcharge, becoming only the fourth community to ever attempt such an increase.   

* Mattapoisett added the low and moderate income exemption to their CPA program.  This optional exemption allows income-qualified property owners to apply for an exemption to the CPA local surcharge.
* The other initial adoption election this spring was in Sunderland, where CPA failed by just 56 votes.