Two New Communities Vote To Adopt CPA

Medford CampaignNovember 4th, 2015: Voters in the Middlesex county cities of Medford and Malden approved CPA on Election day, bringing the total number of CPA communities statewide to 160. Residents of the two communities had run successful petition drives to place the CPA question on their municipal ballots over the summer. Local advocates then built on community outreach efforts originally made to gather sufficient amounts of signatures to qualify CPA for the ballot.

The campaigns both made effective use of social media, launching the two websites, "Preserve Medford" and "Preserve Malden," as well as employing campaign Facebook pages. Medford and Malden both have long lists of potential CPA projects to begin considering, and will move forward quickly to begin implementing the program locally.

CPA did not pass in the third community that voted on the question yesterday - Woburn. 

Click here to view the new CPA statewide adoption map.


Communities Voting on CPA Adoption on 11-3-2015

City/Town Vote Tally Result Surcharge Exemptions

Yes: 6290

No: 5007

 Pass 1.50% low/moderate income, first $100,000 residential, first $100,000 commercial

Yes: 3269

No: 2093

 Pass 1% low/moderate income, first $100,000 residential, first $100,000 commercial

Yes: 1969

No: 3755

 Fail 1% low/moderate income, first $100,000 residential, first $100,000 commercial


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