CPA Update: Amesbury, Watertown, & Wrentham on the Ballot

Amesbury, Watertown, and Wrentham advance CPA to November BallotAugust 30, 2016: Three new communities have now succeeded in placing the question of CPA adoption on their November ballot via petitions. Local CPA advocates in the cities of Amesbury and Watertown, as well as the town of Wrentham, have all managed to gather signatures from the required 5 percent of their respective community's registered voters. These three communities will now join the eleven other municipalities that are voting on CPA adoption later this year.

Each of these three communities will be voting on CPA adoption under various surcharge levels and exemptions (see chart below). If voters choose to adopt CPA, the local revenues collected, in addition to funds from the statewise Community Preservation Trust Fund, will be available for open space, recreation, historic preservation, and affordable housing projects.


  Surcharge Percentage Exemptions Local Annual CPA Revenue
Amesbury 1% low/moderate income, first $100,000 residential, first $100,000 commercial ~$254,000
Watertown 2% low/moderate income ~$1,908,000
Wrentham 1% first $100,000 residential ~$234,000


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