DOR Issues Revised Decile Rankings

May 26, 2011: The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) recently issued a revision of the Community Preservation Decile rankings. These rankings are used to determine the Round 2 and 3 Trust Fund distributions for communities that adopted CPA at the full 3% local surcharge level.

This year, decile rankings changed for 17 communities which have a 3% CPA surcharge: 13 communities received a higher number ranking, which means they will receive slightly less funding in the later round(s) this coming October, while a luckier 4 communities moved down one notch.  The DOR spreadsheet below shows the rankings for each community in the state. We have added a column to DOR's spreadsheet to show any change to the rank of CPA communities that have adopted CPA at 3%.

Click here to download DOR’s spreadsheet of Community Preservation Decile Rankings.

Click here for an explanation of the formula used to distribute CPA trust fund payments.