CPA Bill Wins Committee Approval!

June 7, 2011: We are thrilled to report that An Act to Sustain Community Preservation (HB 765 / HB 1841) just cleared an important hurdle when the Joint Committee on Community Development and Small Business gave it a favorable recommendation. The bill will now move forward to the House Committee on Ways and Means.  

What's Next?    

There is still much to accomplish before the bill becomes law, as it must gain the approval of Ways & Means and passage by the full House and Senate. Stay tuned for further information on how you can continue to support the legislation.

An Act to Sustain Community Preservation would provide a higher annual CPA trust fund match for each community participating in the program. In addition, it would broaden participation in CPA by making it easier for cities and less affluent communities to join, and clarify allowable uses of CPA funds (notably allowing CPA funding for rehabilitation of existing outdoor recreational facilities). More information on the legislation can be found on the Coalition's Pending Legislation page.