Durand, Cellucci Honored

June 13, 2011: On Friday June 10th at MassWildLife in Westborough, Bob Durand (a former state representative, state senator, Massachusetts Commissioner of DFG, Mary Griffin; former Senator Bob Durand, and Lt. Governor MurraySecretary of Environmental Affairs, and original sponsor of the Community Preservation Act) was given the Francis W. Sargent Conservation Award for his decades long career of environmental protection and conservation. "Bob was green before green was cool,” Representative Anne Gobi was reported to have said.


(Image at left: Commissioner, MA Dept. of Fish and Game, Mary Griffin; Bob Durand; Lt. Governor Murray)

Bob Durand was also honored, along with former Governor Paul Cellucci (who signed the Community Preservation Act into law in 2000), at the Coalition's spring CPA Conference at Bridgewater State University. (Image at left: Bob Durand accepting his award from Coalition Steering Committee Member, Kathleen O'Donnell)