2011 Kuehn Award Recipients Announced

Sept. 16, 2011: The 2011 Kuehn Awards will honor ten heroes of CPA's first decade.The recipients will attend a ceremony at the State House on Tuesday, September 27, at 10:30 a.m. to receive their Award. The Kuehn Community Preservation Awards were developed to honor the memory and work of Robert H. Kuehn, Jr.

Bob Kuehn, a tireless advocate for affordable housing, was actively involved in the process of drafting and passing the Community Preservation Act (CPA), signed into law in the fall of 2000. Bob was also one of the founders and main supporters of the Community Preservation Coalition, and served as Vice Chair of its Steering Committee until his death in June of 2006.

2011 Kuehn Award recipients are as follows:

Barbara Schneider, Falmouth; Betty Slade, Westport; Jack Brown, Harwich; Rick Burnet, Plympton; Robert Morse, Chelmsford; Robert Wagner, Hatfield; Leslie Duthie, Monson; Marilee Kenney Hunt, Bridgewater; Sandra Dahl Ronan, Gloucester; and Ken Elstein, Belchertown. 

To view the flyer announcing award recipients, click here.