Statewide CPA Trust Fund shows 11% decline

March 8, 2012: Monthly reports from the state's Department of Revenue (DOR) show that the statewide CPA Trust Fund has been struggling over the past few months, in comparison to last year. Since the beginning of the trust fund year in September 2011, the fund has received, on average, 11% less each month. See the chart below for the monthly CPA Trust Fund collections at the Registry of Deeds.

In past years, DOR has issued a projection of the upcoming CPA trust fund distribution in mid-March, and we're expecting they will follow that timetable once again this year. The Coalition will send an email bulletin to all CPC members as soon as DOR releases their projections for the October 2012 distribution. For more information on how the CPA Trust Fund works, click here.

Monthly Trust Fund Collections, as reported by DOR