CPC Survey Results Released

April 5, 2012: In February 2012, the Coalition asked you for feedback on how we can better serve you. Thank you for your thoughtful responses! We were pleased to hear that 80% of respondents find Coalition membership to be “Very Valuable,” and that our main service of technical assistance also received high marks.

Most valuable to us were your suggestions on how to improve. We heard that flagging CPCs could use more help getting active again, and that some town accountants would benefit from a primer on CPC finance. We learned that although an online forum may not have enough participants to maintain a lively discussion, many CPC members would like to network with other municipalities and interested professionals.

The survey confirmed that the Project Database is a key feature of our website, and we’ll continue to improve it so that it’s easier to use and search. We are working hard to fix the bugs on the online CPA project database, and will let you know as soon as they are resolved. In the meantime, we recommend using the Mozilla Firefox browser to view this page.

One great idea was to create a database of matching grant sources. This resource is theoretically part of the Project Database, in the fields for Federal, State, Local, and Other matching funds fields for each project. However, for many projects this crucial information is missing. Please help us improve the database by adding any and all leveraged funding sources and amounts when you fill out the CP-3, and by checking over your work to be sure that your inputs are not double counted in another project entry.

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