CPA Legislation Signed by Governor Patrick

July 9, 2012: In a noontime ceremony at the State House yesterday, Governor Deval Patrick signed the Governor Deval Patrick signs the 2012 budget, which includes the new CPA Legislation, into law FY2013 state budget, which included the long-awaited CPA legislation! 

The Governor made no amendments or vetoes to the CPA sections included in the budget. The legislation also included the additional $25 million in funding for the statewide CPA Trust Fund from the FY 2013 budget surplus. As we reported in our last newsletter, legislative leaders have indicated their full intention to provide $25 million from the budget surplus in future years, as well.

The legislation passed yesterday amends eight different sections of the CPA statute, and the Coalition has prepared two documents that will help explain the major changes:

A red-line version of the CPA statute, as amended, with all changes highlighted.

A companion section-by-section that provides short explanations for the major changes.

CPA changes signed into law: Coalition press release

The Coalition will be providing additional analysis of the legislation in the coming weeks, including a live, online training presentation.

We are grateful to our CPA advocates across the state for your support and advocacy for this critical legislation!