CPA on November Ballot in Canton

August 28th, 2012:  On Election Day, November 6th, Canton citizens will once again have a chance to weigh in on whether the town should adopt the Community Preservation Act. Local CPA supporters collected nearly 1,000 signatures over the summer to place CPA on the November ballot. Canton resident and CPA campaign organizer Deb Sundin is optimistic that CPA will pass, saying: “Now that the state passed legislation that adds $25 million to the statewide CPA Trust Fund for [fiscal year] 2013 and allows rehabilitation of existing outdoor recreational sites, it is more compelling than ever to have CPA in Canton.”  At the polls, Canton voters will be considering whether to adopt CPA with a 1% property tax surcharge, with exemptions for the first $100,000 of residential property value and for low income and low and moderate income senior homeowners. Canton joins six other communities voting on CPA in November, including three cities. For more information, visit our Upcoming CPA Adoption Elections page.