New 2017 HUD Income Limits Released; CPA Limits Posted

April 17, 2017: The new 2017 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to determine eligibility for exemptions to the CPA surcharge, and the income limits for those who will occupy CPA-funded community housing developments. We've prepared a few helpful charts showing the new 2017 CPA limits for each community:

>> View the 2017 CPA low & moderate income guidelines in your community. These are the figures that CPA towns use to determine if applicants qualify for an exemption from the CPA local surcharge. To learn more about CPA exemptions, click here

>> To see the maximum income limits for residents who will occupy CPA-funded community housing developments, view the 2017 CPA low income housing limits and the 2017 CPA moderate income housing limits charts. To read more about CPA and eligible affordable housing projects, click here.