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Follow the Coalition on Social MediaJuly 21, 2017: The Coalition is pleased to announce that we’ve officially launched our new social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter. We hope that you’ll follow us, as we’re looking forward to providing you with weekly updates, trivia, and highlights from the world of CPA.

So many incredible projects happen each day thanks to CPA, and we’ve found that social media is an amazing tool to tell people about what’s happening in their communities. Each week we are highlighting new and exciting success stories from the 172 cities and towns doing amazing projects for historic preservation, community housing, open space, and parks & recreation sites. If you have enjoyed the full success stories featured on our website, we hope that you will also appreciate these quick glimpses into the important work that the local CPA programs are accomplishing.

Feel free to share, like, retweet, or comment on our posts. And keep an eye out for exciting news and projects from your own community, as we’ll be highlighting new projects each week from all across the Commonwealth.

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