Special Feature on the Arlington CPA Program

Arlington CPA FeatureJuly 27, 2017: Arlington is one of CPA’s newest communities, having adopted the program in 2014. Since then, the town has approved of five projects that are currently underway with an additional nine projects qeued up for the coming year. In order to educate residents about these projects and the process of their local program, Arlington Community Media Inc. has recently published a short series focused on how the community is benefiting from CPA.

The four part series includes interviews with the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Arlington Community Preservation Committee, as well as members of the local Conservation Commission, Historical Society, and Housing Corporation. Each part is focused on a different aspect of the program, including an overview of how CPA works, its adoption and establishment in the town, and how residents can stay involved going forward. One section of the series also takes a look at three great projects that were funded by CPA, each representing a different project category: Spy Pond in Open Space, the Jason Russel House in Historic Preservation, and the Kimball Farmer House in Affordable Housing.

You can view the entire CPA series by clicking here.