Marblehead Ramps Up Campaign Effort

April 25, 2014: In just over a week, Marblehead residents will gather at Town Meeting to decide whether to put CPA on their fall election ballot. In preparation for the big day, local CPA advocates have begun to ramp up their effort to educate residents about the benefits of the Community Preservation Act. Letters to the editor are one way advocates have reached out to residents to explain how CPA works and help them understand the Act's potential benefits. This April 14th Op-Ed titled "Leveraging the CPA to Invest in Our Future" does just that.

Another excellent example of Marblehead's campaign effort includes their website, Preserve Marblehead, rolled out last fall and filled with helpful information on CPA in addition to ways to get involved with the campaign. The website provides information on legislative provisions, funding mechanisms, revenue projections and sample ideas for CPA projects to preserve and enrich Marblehead's open space, historic, housing and recreation resources and facilities. Additionally, the site showcases neighboring communities' experiences and successes with CPA and provides outlets for Marblehead residents to support or get involved with the campaign. Click here to view the website. 

The Marblehead Town Meeting will convene on Monday, May 5th. 


Preserve Marblehead