Recent Downward Trend in CPA Trust Fund Collections

January 23, 2014 -- Although CPA Trust Fund collections have generally been stronger over the last year at the state's Registries of Deeds, the fund had a sharp decline in November and December collections. Click here to view a history of the CPA Trust Fund collections. 

A slowing in the real estate market over the past few months meant fewer transactions at the Registries of Deeds and, as a result, less revenue for the CPA Trust Fund. In November 2013, the fund received $2,286,0000, representing a -16.4% decrease from the previous November's collections. In December 2013, the Fund further declined with a total collection of $1,836,000, marking a -28% decrease from December 2012's amount. 

The Coalition will continue to follow the CPA Trust Fund collections and trends throughout the year. The DOR (Department of Revenue) reports these figures on their "Blue Book" webpage, or you can check back here for updates each month. 

Despite the trend, the Trust Fund could receive additional funding from the state budget surplus this year.  As a result of the CPA legislation passed in July 2012, $25 million was transferred to the fund last year, and the Coalition will be advocating for a similar transfer this year.