CPA Adoption activity heats up with approaching spring town meetings

March 13, 2014 (Updated May 21, 2014):  After a long cold winter, the spring forecast for CPA is looking pretty bright!  Several communities will vote on CPA at their Town Meeting in the coming months.

Many towns have begun the process of getting CPA on their local ballot by putting forth a warrant article for Town Meeting. Two towns, Abington and Berkley, will vote later this spring (see the dates below).  Advocates within those communities have launched campaign efforts to educate residents on the benefits of CPA. Communities have developed flyers and brochures in addition to planning informational presentations open to the public and municipal officials. If these municipalities vote to put CPA on the ballot at their next election, it will be the first attempt at adoption for both towns.

Here are the Town Meeting dates for each community:

  • Berkley: June 2, 2014
  • Abington: June 9, 2014

Spring Town Meeting Results: 

Five communities voted at their Town Meetings earlier this spring to put CPA on their fall election ballots. Those towns include Arlington, Egremont, Boxborough, Otis and Newbury.

Additionally, two towns, Manchester and Conway, voted at both their spring Town Meetings and then again at their spring elections to increase their surcharge to the maximum 3%. Likewise, Amherst, which passed a 3% surcharge increase at their spring Town Meeting, will vote at their fall election on whether to make the increase official. These three 3% surcharge increases would result in much higher state CPA Trust Fund distributions for each town. Essex will also be voting to increase their surcharge from 0.5% to 1%.