Introducing the Coalition new CPA Projects Database!

June 19, 2014: The Coalition is delighted to debut our completely redesigned CPA Projects Database; an easy-to-use tool that allows you to search and filter more than 6,600 completed CPA projects across Massachusetts.

Each year all CPA communities are required to report their new projects and update the status of old projects to the Department of Revenue (DOR) through the online CP-3 form. After the annual deadline each fall, the Coalition imports the data into our sortable database hosted on the Coalition website.

Over the years, the database has become a continuously growing resource for communities and CPC members to find information about CPA-funded projects and achievements carried out across the Commonwealth.

To get you started, here’s four great ways to use the database:

  1. Explore your communities CPA housing, historic, open space, recreation or mixed use projects.
  2. Get inspiration by learning about what others communities have done with CPA funds and tailor your search by municipality, date, and category.
  3. Try the "keyword" search to scan the database for specific types of projects and project costs or timelines.
  4. Use the database as a networking tool to reach out to your or other communities' CPCs to share best practices, experiences, or advice.


Click here to Launch the Database!