House Ways & Means Budget Includes $25 Million for CPA

April 9, 2014:  The House of Representatives begins debate on the state budget the week of April 28th.  The proposed budget, released earlier this month by the House Committee on Ways and Means, includes a $25 million transfer from the FY14 budget surplus to the CPA Trust Fund.  Having the funding included in the recommended budget, as opposed to having it added later as an amendment, is a clear sign of support for CPA from House leaders.  If it survives the budget process intact, the addition of the $25 million to the statewide CPA Trust Fund should deliver a robust match to all 155 CPA communities this coming November.  See the exact language that was included in the budget below.  

What's the next step?

After the House votes on their version of the budget the week of April 28th, the action moves to the Senate side. The Senate is deciding on their budget priorities right now, so it important that CPA advocates remind them of the need for the $25 million.  Please contact your State Senator to thank them for their past support and remind them how important CPA is to your community.  Ask them if they support the transfer of $25 million from the FY14 state budget surplus to the CPA Trust Fund, and let us know what they say.

How do I contact my State Senator?

Click here for contact information for your State SenatorIf you don't know the name of your State Senator, click here to search using your home address.  

What was included in the House budget for CPA?

SECTION 90. (a) Notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, after complying with clause (a) of section 5C of chapter 29 of the General Laws, the comptroller shall dispose of the consolidated net surplus in the budgetary funds for fiscal year 2014 by transferring: (i) $25,000,000 to the Massachusetts Community Preservation Trust Fund, established by section 9 of chapter 44B of the General Laws; and (ii) the remaining balance to the Commonwealth Stabilization Fund.