Huge Show of Support for CPA in Senate

May 16, 2014 (updated May 19, 2014): Although the House budget included a transfer of $25 million from the FY14 budget surplus to the CPA Trust Fund, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means did not include the CPA funding in their budget proposal, released this week. Senator Cynthia Stone Creem has submitted an amendment to include the $25 million in the final Senate budget proposal, and the amendment was co-sponsored by 26 state senators! That's a very large number of co-sponsors for a budget amendment, and we thank our CPA advocates across the state for contacting their senator.

The full text of Senator Creem's amendment (Amendment number OTH 4), as well as the list of 23 of the 26 co-sponsors, is shown below. The additional three senators not listed below signed after the amendment text was finalized. They include Senators Brian Joyce, Benjamin Downing and Bruce E. Tarr.








What's the next step?

The Senate will vote on Senator Creem's amendment as part of their budget debate beginning May 21st. In June, the action will move to the Conference Committee comprised of three appointed members each from the House and Senate to reconcile differences between the two budget proposals.

The Coalition will continue to advocate for the amendment and track the remainder of the state budget process, including the final Senate budget, in coming weeks.