CPA Campaigns Rev Up as November Election Approaches

New Bedford CPA Facebook PageOctober 12, 2014: On November 4th, voters in six towns and two cities will decide on whether the Community Preservation Act is right for their community. CPA will appear on the ballot in Arlington, Berkley, Boxborough, Egremont, New Bedford, Newbury, Otis and Woburn. To view the details of each election, see the Coalition's Upcoming Adoption Elections page.

Two existing CPA communities will be voting on increasing their local CPA surcharge. Amherst voters will decide whether to back an increase from 1.5% to 3%, while residents in Essex will go to the ballot to vote on a 0.5% to 1.5% increase.

On Election Day, CPA will be Question 5 on the ballot for all eight adoption votes and two surcharge increase votes.

As campaign season gets underway, advocates in several communities are organizing efforts to demonstrate the benefits of CPA to their neighbors. New Bedford launched a website and Facebook page (shown right) to host information and engage their local audience. Egremont, Arlington and Otis created campaign flyers and brochures to explain the Act and its costs and benefits to residents. Arlington also debuted an information-packed website (shown below) which explains how CPA would work in their town and lists public events for residents to learn more or become involved with the campaign.  

As Election Day nears, be sure to check out the rotating “featured campaign” appearing on the Coalition’s homepage each week from now until November 4th


Arlington CPA Campaign Website