Want to Learn More about CPA and Affordable Housing?

October 12, 2014: For many communities, creating or improving their affordable housing options can be confusing and difficult. To help you navigate and better understand how CPA can help, consider attending the North Shore Regional Housing Forum, which is running a series of local presentations each month this fall on leveraging CPA funds to meet your community's housing needs. 

Developed primarily for North Shore communities that have passed the Community Preservation Act (CPA), the forums gather folks to learn and discuss ways that CPA funds can help address community housing needs in our towns and cities.

Each session focuses on how community preservation committees, municipal affordable housing trusts, affordable housing committees, planning or zoning boards or the Housing Authority boards and work together to improve housing in their city or town. Members of Boards of Selectmen, City Councilors and municipal staff are also welcome to attend.

Tours of affordable housing developments have been scheduled before each meeting to show you some of the housing already created on the North Shore and how it was financed.

The meetings are free, pizza and drinks will be served at each. Click here to find out when and where the next presentation will take place.