CPA Adoption Update: Medford on the Ballot

CPA on the Ballot in MedfordSeptember 21, 2015:  Medford became the third community to advance CPA to the ballot this year after a grassroots group of CPA advocates successfully gathered 1,661 certified signatures.  Medford will join Woburn in voting on CPA on November 3, 2015, while the third community, Abington, will vote next spring.  And the city of Malden isn't far behind, as advocates there are within striking distance of obtaining the required number of signatures to put CPA on the November ballot.

In Medford, voters will decide whether or not to adopt a 1.5% CPA surcharge for their community, with exemptions for the first $100,000 of residential property value, the first $100,000 of commercial property value, and low income and low and moderate income senior homeowners. With a 1.5% CPA surcharge and the aforementioned exemptions, Medford would raise approximately $1,000,000 in local CPA revenues annually for recreation, historic preservation, affordable housing and open space projects. Adopting CPA will also make the city eligible to receive annual distributions of funds from the statewide Community Preservation Trust Fund, monies that are available only to communities that have adopted the Act. The annual cost to the average Medford homeowner would be about $50.

If Medford does adopt the CPA, the funds could address a number local needs including the rehabilitation of the Royall House, Chevalier Theater, Brooks Estate, and a Riverwalk expansion, among other eligible projects.

Further Resources

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