Governor Baker Highlights CPA Success at 15th Anniversary Celebration

15th Anniversary Celebration - Stuart Saginor Addressing a Crowd of Over 200 AttendeesOctober 6, 2015:  Over 200 advocates, legislators, and friends of CPA gathered at the State House to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Community Preservation Act (CPA).

The celebration included remarks from Governor Charlie Baker, Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo, Senate President Stanley Rosenberg, Representative Steven Kulik and Former Secretary of the Environment Bob Durand. The 4th Kuehn Community Preservation Awards ceremony, to honor individuals who have been significant contributors to the success of CPA in their community, was also featured. Attendees representing CPA communities from Truro to Agawam came out in support of award recipients and to help demonstrate the importance of CPA to state legislators.


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Here is an excerpt of what Governor Baker had to say about CPA and the fact that it took 12 years of advocacy before it was enacted:
Bob Durand, Author of the Community Preservation Act, greets Governor Baker

“Government is designed, by definition, to be complicated, messy and difficult. You’re not supposed to be able to get your way; that was the whole point behind the Founders when they originally put the thing together… The Community Preservation Act is a great example of exactly what the founders originally had in mind… As we sit here today, fifteen years later, and you look at the number of communities that have stepped up and joined in and the numbers of communities that have considered it, [CPA] has absolutely been a major success and it is something everybody who’s involved with should be very proud and pleased with the results.”

Senate President Rosenberg Speaking
Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg praised award recipient Richard Lopatka from Sunderland as well as the other CPA towns in his district for their tireless efforts to adopt the Act. He addressed the growth of the legislation over the years and is pleased that CPA has been successfully used in all of the diverse ways in which it was intended. Rosenberg stressed the importance of securing the funding stream for CPA to successfully accomplish abundant land preservation, historic preservation, affordable housing, and recreation.

House Speaker, DeLeo, offering remarks
Speaker of the Massachusetts House, Robert DeLeo, praised the Community Preservation Act in its ability to strengthen the state and address challenges in society and the economy. He views CPA as an economic stimulant, including the industries of tourism, the nonprofit sector, and real estate. He supports the aims of CPA including affordable housing, parks and open spaces, museums and the protection of historic resources, but most of all, supports its ability to bring citizens together and improve their neighborhoods from Boston to the Berkshires. Click here to read the full text of Speaker DeLeo's remarks.


The Kuehn Community Preservation Awards were developed to honor the memory and work of Robert H. Kuehn. Bob was actively involved in the process of drafting and passing the Community Preservation Act. He was also one of the founder and main supporters of the Community Preservation Coalition, and served as Vice Chair of its Steering Committee until his death in June of 2006.


 Recipients of the 4th Kuehn Community Preservation Awards

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Senator Wolf, Carl Brotman of Truro and Representative PeakeSenator Wolf, Lindsey Counsell and Lynne Poyant of Barnstable

< Carl Brotman, Truro

 Lindsey Counsell, Barnstable > 

Alison, Evvy and Jack Demong of NorwellConor Welch, Penny Dumas of Sturbridge, Brian Ferrarese

< Alison Demong, Norwell

 Penny Dumas, Sturbridge >

Marilyn Fenollosa of Lexington and Representative KaufmanSenator Tarr, Woody Kelly of Manchester, Representative Hill

 < Marilyn Fenollosa, Lexington 

Woody Kelly, Manchester > 

Maria Kozloski, Katherine Roth of the Coalition, Teresa Kozloski, Henry Kozloski, Lena Kozloski, Christopher Powers, Aide to Senator HumasonRichard Lopatka of Sunderland and Senate President Rosenberg

< Henry Kozloski, Agawam 

Richard Lopatka, Sunderland >  

Steve Perdios of Quincy and Governor Charlie BakerSenator Brownsberger, Paul Solomon of Belmont, Representative Rogers

< Steve Perdios, Quincy 

 Paul Solomon, Belmont > 

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