Latest CPA News

State surplus finalized: CPA to receive $25 million
Today marks the an important landmark in our six-year legislative effort to secure additional funding for the statewide CPA Trust Fund.
One Step Closer to $25 Million
The Massachusetts House of Representatives took action today on a bill to close the books on FY13, and there was good news for CPA.
Ludlow to Vote on CPA next Spring
In a recent 42-20 Town Meeting vote, Ludlow approved adoption of CPA with a 1% surcharge. Voters will be asked to approve the adoption at the ballot on March 24, 2014.
In First Year after CPA Amendments, Recreation Category Gets a Significant Boost
The books on fiscal year 2013 have officially closed and the new CPA numbers are in. The latest CPA project statistics reveal significant strides in the recreation category, which was greatly strengthened by recent amendments to CPA in July 2012.
The CPA Trust Fund: Understanding Annual Interest and Expenses
As the state trust fund's balances grows throughout the year, how much interest is accrued? How many expenses are subtracted?
Boston Discusses CPA as Mayoral Election Approaches
A new survey, conducted by the Boston Preservation Alliance, demonstrates that most candidates running to be Boston’s next mayor are proponents of the Community Preservation Act.
Gov. Patrick signs Budget Allocating $25 Million Surplus for CPA
The additional $25 million in funding for the statewide CPA Trust Fund cleared another important hurdle today with the release of the final version of the state's FY14 budget.
Coalition Steering Committee appoints John Henshaw to CPA Community Rep seat
he Community Preservation Coalition has elected John Henshaw of Templeton for the position of CPA Community Representative.
Former Gov. Cellucci was a significant figure in CPA history
Former Massachusetts Governor Paul Cellucci, who died earlier this month after battling Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) for six years, will always be remembered as the man who signed the Community Preservation Act (CPA).
Martha's Vineyard Housing Success Story
Four CPA Projects Receive MHC Awards
Four CPA-funded projects received awards recently at the Massachusetts Historical Commission's (MHC) 35th Annual Preservation Awards Reception.
What's the Secret to CPA's Success?
Brookfield Fails to Pass CPA
Coalition Steering Committee Opening
Protecting Farmland with the Community Preservation Act - There’s a state program that can pay much of the cost!