Latest CPA News

New Bedford Business Leaders Endorse Community Preservation Act
The New Bedford Economic Development Council cites CPA's benefits to local economies and community well-being among the reasons why they are taking a strong stance in favor of CPA as the November election approaches.
Boston Globe Endorses State Contribution to CPA Trust Fund
In a recent editorial, The Boston Globe highlights the importance of the state's recent finanicial committments toward community preservation work across the Commonwealth.
Would you like help with your CPA affordable housing projects?
New Bedford Mayor Moves CPA to State Election Ballot
New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell signed the Community Preservation Act city ordinance, placing the question of CPA adoption on the November 4th election ballot.
Governor Patrick signs FY15 Budget with $25 Million for CPA
At the base of the State House's Grand Staircase, Governor Deval Patrick signed the fiscal year 2015 budget, making the transfer of $25 million from the FY2014 budget surplus to the state CPA Trust Fund official.
Remembering Wellfleet's Barbara Gray: CPA and Preservation Champion Leaves Lasting Impact
CPA lost a dedicated advocate recently with the passing of former State Representative and Wellfleet Community Preservation Committee member Barbara Gray, 86.
$25 Million for the CPA Trust Fund
Responding to calls from CPA advocates across the state, the legislative committee charged with reconciling the differences in funding amounts between the House and Senate versions of the FY15 budget has approved a full $25 million from the state's budget surplus for the CPA Trust Fund.
Arlington organizes ballot committee for CPA election
Woburn Puts CPA to Ballot Vote, New Bedford Moves One Step Closer
In the wake of widespread CPA adoption activity this spring, two more communities, New Bedford and Woburn, debated this week on whether to move the question of CPA adoption to their fall election ballots.
Berkley Town Meeting Moves CPA Adoption to Ballot Vote
Can CPA Fund Private Projects?
Have you ever wondered if CPA funds can be used to fund projects on privately-owned property?
Newbury, Otis, Manchester Continue CPA Winning Streak
Last night, voters in Newbury and Otis moved the question of CPA adoption to their next regularly scheduled election ballots.
Senate Passes CPA Amendment Including $10 Million for Trust Fund
On the first day of the Senate's budget debate, the CPA Amendment (Redraft OTH #4) passed 39 to 0.
Spring 2014 CPA Town Meeting and Election Results Recap
It has been an exciting and optimistic spring for the Community Preservation Act.
Conway Employs a Creative Idea to Increase Their CPA State Match
Conway voters approved a surcharge increase from 1.5% to 3% at their spring ballot election. In addition to boosting their locally generated CPA revenue, the measure also fulfills a unique plan to dramatically increase Conway's distribution from the statewide CPA Trust Fund.