Mixed Use

Norfolk Aquires, Repurposes Dormant Farmland with Mixed-Use CPA Project
Just outside town center in Norfolk, Community Preservation funds are helping turn a 22-acre plot of dormant farmland into land for recreation, conservation, and affordable housing. Formerly called Gump’s Farm, the parcel off Route 115 previously housed a frequented farmstand that shut down four years ago and was being considered for a housing development site. Thanks to CPA the land will instead become a multi-faceted public asset for local residents.
Cable Mills Adaptive Reuse Project, Williamstown
On August 29, 2007, the North Adams Transcript described the Cable Mills project as "a state model for how the Community Preservation Act can work," writing, "With affordable housing, a publicaly-accessible walkway along the Green River and preservation of a historic mill building, the project has created a Community Preservation Act triple play."
Lexington’s Douglas House for Brain-Injured Adults Exemplifies CPA Adaptive Reuse
Five years ago the town of Lexington launched an award-winning community preservation project that encapsulates three CPA pillars and continues to enhance the lives of individuals and the local community.
Ames Shovel Shop, Easton
Years from now, Easton residents enjoying a vibrant downtown may not know that they have the historic Ames Shovel Shop CPA project to thank for their beautiful town center.
Benfield Farms, Carlisle
The Town of Carlisle, a small CPA community in northeastern Massachusetts, is nearly finished with the planning for NOAH Benfield Farms, an exemplary ground-lease, mixed-use CPA project. The 45-acre site has benefitted from Carlisle’s dedication to the holistic planning of the land, and the creation of separate restrictions for each use.
Bean / Allard Farm, Northampton
In the 19th century, former slave, abolitionist, and preacher, Sojourner Truth, farmed this 181-acre parcel containing of some of the richest farm soils in the world.
East Street Ciak Property, Easthampton
This CPA project allowed fourteen acres next to Mount Tom to be permanently protected. The city of Easthampton partnered with the state to acquire this property, which will be used to enlarge Mount Tom State Reservation and as a site for a new affordable duplex for the city.
Historic Library Rehabilitation, Cohasset
The Paul Pratt Library rehabilitation project has allowed an unused historic library to be repurposed for use by the Cohasset Historical Society and senior affordable housing.
Angino Farm Acquisition, Newton
This 2.25 acre property, though small in size, includes a historic barn and farmhouse and embodies 350 years of local agricultural history. Had the town not acquired the property, it was slated to become a $3.75 million condominium development.
Bradstreet Property Acquisition, Rowley
This 120 acre farm had been in the Bradstreet family since 1635, when the land was granted by King Charles I of England to colonist Humphrey Bradstreet. The property includes an early 19th century farmhouse and 18th century barn in addition to upland meadow, woodland, and marsh.