Open Space

Mainstone Farm - Preserving an Agrarian Landmark in Wayland
When the Community Preservation Act (CPA) was passed in Wayland back in 2001, many residents saw its potential value in helping to preserve their community’s unique agrarian heritage. And thanks to that foresight, the town was able to protect the rolling pastures and wooded hillsides of Mainstone Farm.
Nearly 25,000 Acres of Land Preservation from CPA Funding
Since 2000, Massachusetts municipalities that have adopted the Community Preservation Act have become active players in land preservation. Through 2014, there have been a total of 661 CPA-funded projects involving acquisition of land or a restriction for open space, agricultural or recreational purposes, totaling 24,290 acres.
Bridgewater partners with The Trust for Public Land to preserve an important piece of the community’s agricultural past
While many CPA open space projects have been completed independently, some communities have found it helpful to partner with third party land protection organizations. One example is Bridgewater, which collaborated with The Trust for Public Land on a project to preserve Murray Farm.
A Local Farm, Open Space and History Preserved in Mendon
Pearson Farm in Mendon is preserved thanks to Chapter 61A and creative collaborative funding including the investment of CPA dollars.
CPA Enables Seekonk to Preserve Valuable Farmland with APRs
After passing CPA in the spring of 2009, the southern coast town of Seekonk did not waste any time putting their CPA dollars to good use.
Elmwood Farm, Hopkinton
CPA funds have helped to conserve the Historic Elmwood Farm in Hopkinton, protecting farmland for future agricultural use, preserving an historic stop on the Underground Railroad and opening up 81 acres of forestland to the public.
Sweetwilliam Farm, Upton: An Alternate Path to Town Meeting Approval
At a special town meeting on January 11, 2011, Upton residents voted by a slim margin to approve the purchase of a CPA project that just weeks before appeared impossible – the purchase of a 60-acre portion of Sweetwilliam Farm.
Windrush Farm, Boxford and North Andover
The conservation of Windrush farm protects critical habitat for rare and endangered species, water quality of the Ipswich River, and public access to a network of trails knitting together 1,800 acres of contiguous, conserved land.
Center Hill Preserve, Plymouth
This 78-acre property fronting on Cape Cod Bay was Massachusetts’ top preservation priority and ranked second on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)’s national priorities list in 2006 when it came on the market.
Cole Property, Carver
The CPA was adopted in Carver in large part to protect this valuable 242-acre agricultural property
Common Pasture Purchase, Newburyport
Over the course of several years, the city of Newburyport has used its CPA funds to protect 293 acres of the Common Pasture – a scenic and historic swath of agricultural land dating back to the area’s original European settlement in 1635.
Preservation of 839 acres abutting old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge
Measured by acres, this is the largest open space acquisition on record in the Commonwealth using Community Preservation Act funds.