89 Oxbow, Wayland

In a great example of beating swords into plowshares, land that once housed lethal missiles is now the location of an impressive green affordable housing development, funded in part by Wayland’s CPA program. The affordable housing development at 89 Oxbow Road in Wayland was formerly an old Nike missile site owned by the federal government. CPA funds were used to acquire the land and to clear the site of hazardous waste and military structures, including filling in the missile silos. The Wayland project consists of 16 units of community housing in the form of townhouses of which 11 are for families at 80% AMI (Area Median Income) and 5 for those at 100% AMI.  Demand for affordable housing in Wayland was strong – construction of the townhouses was completed in February 2009, and all units were occupied by October.

In addition to affordability, the other main driver in the development of 89 Oxbow was sustainability. This meant the implementation of low impact development (LID) measures, such as the use of bio-retention basis to collect and filter stormwater, rain barrels to collect rainwater for use in exterior watering, drought resistant and native species plantings, and minimizing the paved surface area of the site. All units haveroof mounted solar panels, fresh air ventilation, and Energy Star appliances.

Aaron Gornstein, executive director of Citizens' Housing and Planning Association, was quoted in the MetroWest Daily News as saying “the partnership between the town and a private developer and the active involvement of the local housing partnership has been impressive. It is truly a model of community outreach and local involvement which will benefit all the residents of Wayland."

Further Resources...

    >> Once the town purchased the land, they issued a Request for Proposal to obtain a developer to build the housing

    >> The marketing flyer for 89 Oxbow shows details on the finished project.

    >> The site’s developers, Oxbow Partners, made a great short video about the site, 89 Oxbow: A Story of Community Initiative, featuring fantastic photos of the site, and interviews with current residents, town officials, and members of the Nike Site Reuse Committee who had been working for a positive re-use of the former missile site for years.