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10 Minute Walk Campaign - Creating Park Accesibility for All
One in three Americans does not currently have a park or green space within a 10-minute walk of home. And even those who do may find those spaces uninviting if their parks are underfunded or haven’t reached their full potential. One of the Coalition founding organizations, The Trust For Public Land, in partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA) and Urban Land Institute (ULI), has launched their 10 Minute Walk Campaign today, marking a historic turning point in creating great parks for all.
Review of the Supreme Judical Court Hearing on the Acton CPA Lawsuit
Yesterday morning, the Massachusetts Supreme Judical Court heard oral arguments concerning the ongoing CPA lawsuit in the town of Acton.
Historic New England Field School: Using Easements to Protect Historic Properties
Join Historic New England preservation experts for an in-depth course designed for historic preservation students and professionals.
City of Medford Seeks Community Preservation Coordinator
The City of Medford is looking to hire a Community Preservation Coordinator to provide administrative assistance to the Community Preservation Committee and support the city's implementation of the Community Preservation Act.
Supreme Judicial Court to Hear Acton CPA Lawsuit Oral Arguments on September 7th
On Thursday, September 7th, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) will hear oral arguments on a lawsuit against the Town of Acton in an attempt to stop CPA preservation projects
Special Feature on the Arlington CPA Program
In order to educate residents about the benefits and process of their local program, Arlington Community Media has recently published a short series focused on how the community is benefiting from CPA.
Follow the Coalition on Social Media
The Coalition is pleased to announce that we’ve officially launched our new social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter.
Chief Executives from 45 Cities and Towns Urge State Legislature to Support CPA
In a collaboration between the Coalition and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, a letter was issued to the state budget conference committee this afternoon on behalf of many of the state’s largest cities and towns supporting the inclusion of the Community Preservation Act in this year’s state budget.
Senate Passes Budget Amendment to Bolster CPA Trust Fund
The Senate has adopted an amendment to the budget that would provide an increase to the recording fees at the State's Registries of Deeds to provide a higher state match to all CPA communities in 2018
CPA Adoption Update: Northbridge on the Ballot
After a vote at their annual Town Meeting earlier this month, the town of Northbridge now advances CPA to the ballot.
New 2017 HUD Income Limits Released; CPA Limits Posted
The new 2017 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been FY2016 HUD Income Guidelines Releasedreleased.
City of Boston Seeks Community Preservation Director
The City of Boston is hiring a Community Preservation Director to support the city's implementation of the Community Preservation Act
Meet Our New Kuehn Fellow, Kaitlin Butler
The Community Preservation Coalition is pleased to introduce our new Kuehn Fellow, Kaitlin Butler.
Dedham Residents Launch CPA Campaign Website
Dedham will be the first community to vote on CPA after the record-setting 11 adoptions from the fall elections just a few months ago, and advocates in the town are working hard to see the same success in their community. The local CPA campaign has launched a new website and Facebook page promoting CPA adoption in Dedham.
Acton Lawsuit Advances to Supreme Judicial Court
The highest court in the Commonwealth, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), has agreed to hear the lawsuit regarding the use of CPA funds to preserve historic religious buildings in Acton.