Annual State CPA Reporting Requirements and Deadlines

The state’s Department of Revenue (DOR) requires communities to complete and submit three CPA reports annually: the CP-1 Form (The Community Preservation Surcharge Report), the CP-2 Form (The Community Preservation Fund Report), and the CP-3 Database (The Online Community Preservation Projects Report). Below is a review of each of the three CPA forms that municipal officials are required to file with the state, and the corresponding deadlines.

CP-1 Form: The Community Preservation Surcharge Report 

The DOR-issued CP-1 form is due on September 15th. The form reports the amount of funds raised by a community’s local CPA surcharge for the previous fiscal year, and is used as the basis for the state’s annual fall CPA trust fund matching distribution. This form is completed by your local Board of Assessors and Accounting Officer, and, in most cases, is submitted electronically to the DOR.

CP-2 Form: The Community Preservation Fund Report

The DOR-issued CP-2 form is due October 31st. The form requires an accounting of all CPA revenues, expenditures in each CPA funding category, and an analysis of the community’s CPA fund balance, including each CPA reserve account. The Municipal Accounting Officer is most often the official who completes this form. It’s always a good idea for the CPC to review a copy of this form so that they understand the account balances of their CPA fund.

CP-3 Online Community Preservation Projects Report Database

Each year, CPC members or municipal staff must log into the CP-3 online database to enter new project data for the most recent fiscal year and update or correct existing data for previous years’ projects. This data must be entered by September 15th in order for communities to receive their CPA trust fund matching distribution from the state. Despite this fall deadline, communities can access the database throughout the year and enter projects as they occur to stay ahead of the deadline.

Here are the important resources regarding the CP-3 Project Report: