Upcoming CPA Adoption Elections

The following communities will be voting on CPA ballot questions at an upcoming election:

(Please note: the towns of Ayer and West Stockbridge have delayed their originally scheduled election dates due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation)

City/TownElection PurposePath to BallotSurchargeExemptionsElection Date
AyerSurcharge IncreaseLegislative Body Vote1% -> 3%N/A


(previously scheduled for 4/27/2020)

GreenfieldCPA AdoptionLegislative Body Vote1%first $100,000 residential, first $100,000 commercial, low income & low/moderate income senior homeowners11/3/2020
West StockbridgeCPA AdoptionLegislative Body Vote2%first $100,000 residential


(previously scheduled for 5/4/2020)

2020 CPA Elections Map

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