Arlington Organizes Ballot Committee for CPA Election

Arlington Ballot CommitteeJune 17, 2014: Earlier this spring, Arlington's Town Meeting voted to move the question of CPA adoption to their fall 2014 election ballot. The town will try to pass the Act with a 1.5% surcharge and exemptions for low income residents and low or moderate income seniors, and the first $100,000 of residential and commercial property value.

This will be Arlington's first ever attempt to pass CPA at the ballot. In preparation for the upcoming vote, local residents are working hard to get a campaign underway. One of their initial steps includes the organization of a ballot committee, charged with the task of helping voters understand the facts and benefits of CPA. The photo to the left features a few Arlington residents involved in that effort. Portrayed from left to right: Co-Chair Susan Stamps, Co-Chair Joe Curro, and Treasurer Christine Carney with her grandson.