In Memory of Steve Kulik: An Enduring Champion for the Community Preservation Act

Steve Kulik receiving the “Legislator of the Year” award from the Community Preservation Coalition, presented by Former Coalition Chair Clarissa Rowe.The Coalition has received the heartbreaking news that Steve Kulik—an enduring champion for the CPA program for more than two decades—has sadly passed away at the age of 72.

Steve served in the State Legislature for more than 25 years as the Representative for the 1st Franklin District, and he worked closely with the Coalition during that time in order to protect and improve the statewide CPA program. Alongside his colleague in the Senate, Cynthia Stone Creem, Steve Kulik sponsored multiple amendments to the CPA legislation to make the program the tremendous success that it is today.

One of Steve’s foremost priorities while in office was to pass a permanent increase to the revenue source for the CPA Trust Fund. Ironically, it wasn’t until after his retirement in 2018 that the Coalition finally succeeded in this effort—thanks to Representative Kulik laying the groundwork, this legislation finally passed in 2019. The end result was that the CPA Trust Fund revenue was more than doubled, preventing the annual state match from falling into single digits. This monumental victory for the statewide CPA program would not have been possible without Steve’s constant support and tireless efforts on behalf of all CPA communities.

The Coalition offers our condolences to Steve’s family & colleagues, and to his many CPA constituents over the years. Steve Kulik was undoubtedly a champion of CPA, but he was also a friend to each of us working for open space protection, community housing, historic preservation, and outdoor recreation. We honor his many years of public service and celebrate his life today: Steve’s contributions to the Community Preservation Act improved the lives of countless Massachusetts residents, and the future of CPA is bright because of his enduring legacy.

Remembering Former State Representative Steven Kulik: