Newbury, Otis, Manchester Continue CPA Winning Streak

May 21, 2014: Last night, voters in Newbury and Otis moved the question of CPA adoption to their next regularly scheduled election ballots. Newbury's vote came down to a close count with 66 in favor and 62 opposed. The town ultimatley approved the warrant article, including a 1.5% CPA surcharge with an exemption for low income persons and low or moderate income seniors in addition to the first $100,000 exemptions for residential and commercial property value. Residents in Otis showed strong support for CPA at their Town Meeting, with a 48-26 majority vote to approve a 3% CPA surcharge with exemptions for low income persons and low or moderate income seniors, in additon to the first $100,000 exemption for residential property values.

Newbury and Otis join three other towns, Arlington, Egremont and Boxborough, which all voted to move CPA adoption to a ballot vote earlier this spring. Two other towns, Abington and Berkley, will take their turns voting on CPA at their upcoming Town Meetings in June. 

Additionally, Manchester residents voted 676 to 662 at the ballot to successfully increase their CPA surcharge from 1.5% to 3% at their spring election.