November 2022 Statewide CPA Trust Fund Distribution Announced

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) released details on the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality today. In total, over $66 million was paid to the 187 communities eligible for a distribution. All CPA communities received a 30.3% match on round one of the trust fund distribution this year, and communities that adopted CPA with a full 3% local property tax surcharge received a higher percentage.

What Did My Community Receive In Today’s Trust Fund Distribution?

Click on the links below for details on this year's distribution and to view the distribution amounts for each community:

> SPREADSHEET: Click here for the CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for each municipality <

>> PDF VERSION: Click here for the CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for each municipality <<

What About the $20 Million in State Budget Surplus Funding for CPA Communities?

The Coalition was able to successfully advocate for FY22 state budget surplus dollars to be transferred to the CPA Trust Fund, and just last week Governor Baker signed off on the allocation of $20 million for CPA. However, these funds were not incorporated into this week's distribution, and it's still unknown as to when communities can expect to receive these funds.

There is still a good possibility that communities will receive a second distribution once the $20M has been transferred to the CPA Trust Fund - a similar situation occurred during the 2021 state match process. Should that occur, the Coalition estimates that communities would see this year’s base match percentage increase from 30% to approximately 38%. The Department of Revenue will provide an update on the plan for distributing the $20 million when the funds are transferred to the CPA Trust Fund account, and we will notify communities as soon as we hear any news. 

Why was this year's CPA Trust Fund Distribution Delayed?

The Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution is scheduled to be released by November 15th each year, but this year's process was delayed by several days. DOR officials indicated that the delay was caused by several municipalities failing to file their CP-1 reports on time.

The annual CP-1 form is how CPA municipalities report to the state the amount of funds raised from their local CPA surcharge for the previous fiscal year. This year's delay underlines the importance of every CPA community submitting these reports in a timely manner. The Department of Revenue cannot complete the annual CPA Trust Fund matching distribution until ALL communities have completed the CP-1 form. While this form is typically completed by each municipality's Board of Assessors and Accounting Officer, local Community Preservation Committees can assist with this process by ensuring that their municipal officials have filed this report by the September 15th deadline.

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