November 2019 Statewide Trust Fund Distribution Announced

Updated November 22nd, 2019

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality.... more ››

After 20 Years and $7.5 Million in CPA Funds, Town of Sharon Votes to Save Rattlesnake Hill

After more than 20 years of work by state and local conservationists, Town Meeting in Sharon voted to preserve over 320 acres of... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Lowell Passes Adoption as the 176th CPA Community

It's official: the city of Lowell is now the 176th community to successfully adopt CPA. Lowell was the first and only community to attempt... more ››

Budget Surplus Funds for CPA Still in Question

Over the past several years, the Coalition has been successful in advocating for state budget surplus funds to be transferred to the CPA... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Lowell Voting on CPA Adoption Next Month

As the summer came to a close, Lowell City Council unanimously approved of placing the question of CPA adoption on the Fall 2019 ballot -... more ››

Coalition Steering Committee Expanding Membership

The Community Preservation Coalition has expanded the number of CPA community representatives on our Steering Community, and we are now... more ››

CPA Trust Fund Increase - What Happens Now?

Now that the long-awaited increase to the CPA Trust Fund has been signed into law, many CPA advocates are asking: What happens now? How... more ››

Governor Baker Signs FY20 Budget with CPA Funding Increase

The Coalition is thrilled to report that as of this morning, Governor Baker has officially signed the FY20 state budget, including the long... more ››

Watertown Seeks New CPA Coordinator

The Town of Watertown is looking to hire a Community Preservation Coordinator to provide administrative assistance to the Community... more ››

Increase to CPA Trust Fund Reaches the Governor's Desk

Late yesterday, both the House and Senate voted to pass the FY20 state budget - and we are thrilled to report that it included the language... more ››

City of Somerville Seeks New CPA Manager

The City of Somerville is looking to hire a new CPA Manager to support the city's implementation of the Community Preservation Act. The... more ››

Over 100 Chief Executives Sign Letter Urging Legislature to Fund CPA

In an unprecedented show of support, a letter was issued to the state’s budget and legislative leaders this week on behalf of many of... more ››

Senate Votes to Adopt CPA Amendments for FY2020 Budget

As the state budget debate opened in the newly restored Senate Chamber, senators wasted little time in showing support for CPA. We are... more ››

2019 HUD Income Limits Released - CPA Limits Posted

The new 2019 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to... more ››

Senate Budget Amendments Filed to Increase CPA Funding

Last month, the House passed their version of the FY2020 budget with a permanent increase to the CPA Trust Fund included. The Senate is now... more ››

House Passes FY2020 Budget with CPA Increase Included

The House of Representatives showed strong support for the Community Preservation Act in their version of the FY2020 state budget. Under... more ››

Increased CPA Funding Included in House Ways & Means Budget

We're pleased to report an unprecedented milestone in our efforts to bolster the CPA Trust Fund. The proposed FY2020 state budget released... more ››

Coaliton Steering Committee Accepting New Members

For the first time since 2013, the Community Preservation Coalition has vacancies on its Steering Committee and is accepting applications... more ››

DOR Issues Estimate for Fall 2019 CPA Trust Fund Distribution

The Department of Revenue (DOR) has issued its annual budget memo to municipalities and it includes an estimate of 11.57% for the November... more ››

Coalition Advocates For An Increase To CPA Funding

Legislation has been filed at the State House that would provide for approximately a 45% CPA Trust Fund distribution for all 175 CPA... more ››