DOR Issues Preliminary Estimate for Fall 2020 CPA Trust Fund Distribution

The ongoing pandemic has made it extremely difficult to predict what communities will receive from the CPA Trust Fund in November. Revenue... more ››

2020 HUD Income Limits Released - CPA Limits Posted

The new 2020 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to... more ››

Chelsea CPC Appropriates Unprecedented $1.25 Million for CPA Rental Assistance

As we recently reported, several communities are exploring CPA-funded rental assistance programs in order to keep residents in their homes... more ››

How CPC's Can Meet Remotely During Quarantine

State government has taken a number of steps to help Massachusetts municipalities contend with the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency. One... more ››

Can CPA be Used for Rental Assistance? The Answer is Yes!

It goes without saying that this is a stressful and difficult time for Massachusetts residents as they grapple with the impact of COVID-19... more ››

CPA Trust Fund Revenue Trending Upwards After New Legislation

Each month, the Coalition tracks the latest figures on the statewide CPA Trust Fund collections as reported by the state. And now, thanks... more ››

City of Chelsea Seeks Housing & CPA Coordinator

The City of Chelsea is looking to hire a Housing & Community Preservation Coordinator to provide administrative assistance to the the... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Greenfield Puts CPA on the Ballot

2020 is shaping up to be a busy year, as many communities across the state are gearing up for local campaigns to place the question of CPA... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Shrewsbury, Norton, and Others Building Early CPA Adoption Campaigns

While we're still very early into the new year, based on what we've heard from many communities across the state, we may see a record... more ››

DOR Issues Updated November 2019 Statewide Trust Fund Calculations

It took almost a year of effort by the Coalition legislative team, but we’re pleased to announce that CPA communities are finally receiving... more ››

$20 Million in Surplus Funding for CPA Confirmed by State Comptroller

After the legislature passed a months-late final FY19 spending bill just before Christmas, it seemed very likely that there would be $20... more ››

MHP Hosting Affordable Housing Trust & CPA Housing Conference

The Massachusetts Housing Partnership (MHP) will be hosting an upcoming training focused on Affordable Housing Trusts and CPA Housing... more ››

City of Newton Seeks New CPA Program Manager

The City of Newton is looking to hire a Community Preservation Program Manager to provide administrative assistance to the Community... more ››

FY19 Surplus Spending Bill Passes - $20 Million Expected for CPA Trust Fund

As we reported last month, the legislature has been locked in a stalemate regarding the final spending bill for surplus FY19 state revenue... more ››

November 2019 Statewide Trust Fund Distribution Announced

Updated January 27, 2020

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) has released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality.... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Lowell Passes Adoption as the 176th CPA Community

It's official: the city of Lowell is now the 176th community to successfully adopt CPA. Lowell was the first and only community to attempt... more ››

Budget Surplus Funds for CPA Still in Question

Over the past several years, the Coalition has been successful in advocating for state budget surplus funds to be transferred to the CPA... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Lowell Voting on CPA Adoption Next Month

As the summer came to a close, Lowell City Council unanimously approved of placing the question of CPA adoption on the Fall 2019 ballot -... more ››

Coalition Steering Committee Expanding Membership

The Community Preservation Coalition has expanded the number of CPA community representatives on our Steering Community, and we are now... more ››

CPA Trust Fund Increase - What Happens Now?

Now that the long-awaited increase to the CPA Trust Fund has been signed into law, many CPA advocates are asking: What happens now? How... more ››