CPA Success Stories News & Announcements

Rattlesnake Hill Sharon

After 20 Years and $7.5 Million in CPA Funds, Town of Sharon Votes to Save Rattlesnake Hill

After more than 20 years of work by state and local conservationists, Town Meeting in Sharon voted to preserve over 320 acres of... more ››

Tilden House in Canton

The Tilden House in Canton - Reviving a 300-Year-Old Remnant

The David Tilden House in Canton, Massachusetts was purchased as part of a very large land acquisition program in 1970. By 1973 the house... more ››

Beaver Brook Farm

CPA Helps to Redefine Historic Beaver Brook Farm in Dracut

The Dracut public wanted Beaver Brook Farm and backed this desire with $2.8 million in 2015. Now, what will they do with the prize?

Goshen Senior Housing - What Small Towns Can Accomlish with CPA

Goshen Senior Housing - What Small Towns Can Accomplish with CPA

In December 2018, residents from Goshen Senior Housing crossed the street to join about 30 others at Town Hall for the Council on Aging... more ››

Pickleball Courts in Randolph

Massachusetts Has Pickleball Fever... and CPA is the Cure!

Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t easy, and it can be especially difficult for municipalities with limited resources. While residents... more ››

Canton, Paul Revere Heritage site, barn and mill restoration under way, summer 2018, taken from a Canton Citizen article

Endangered No More: The Paul Revere Heritage Site in Canton

In 2008, after a failed rezoning effort left his clients short on hope and looking to cut its losses, a prominent Canton zoning attorney... more ››

The Burnett-Garfield House

Preserving Southborough’s Historic Legacy: The Burnett-Garfield House

One of the main goals of CPA is to provide the means for cities and towns to protect their unique character and history, and the stately... more ››

“Boneyard” Dog Park

“Boneyard” Dog Park in Kingston – Public Parks for Pups are OK for CPA

According to data from the Trust for Public Land, the number of off-leash dog parks has increased 20% over the last five years.

Cape Cod Village

Cape Cod Village – Seven Towns Collaborating for a Regional Need

Nearly every community in Massachusetts is facing a shortage of housing, and this problem is especially true when it comes to housing for... more ››

Mainstone Farm

Mainstone Farm - Preserving an Agrarian Landmark in Wayland

As development pressure continues to grow across Massachusetts, the accelerating loss of open space and agricultural land continues to be a... more ››

Trifecta in Wareham

CPA Trifecta in Wareham - Housing, Open Space, and Recreation

One of the strengths of the Community Preservation Act is how it creates opportunities for successful partnerships and acts as a catalyst... more ››

Mutter’s Field Trail

Mutter’s Field Trail Highlights the Importance of Accessibility for Open Space Projects

Accessibility is an increasingly important element of recent CPA projects, highlighting the integral community building aspect of the... more ››

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity and CPA: Highlighting Successful Housing Partnerships

For many CPA communities, Habitat for Humanity is an invaluable partner when it comes to affordable housing goals.

Prospect Hill Tower

Somerville Preserves Its Heritage At Prospect Hill Tower

Near Union Square in Somerville stands the Prospect Hill Tower—a stalwart, granite structure that represents nearly 300 years’ worth of... more ››

Boxford Common

Boxford Common Raises the Bar for CPA Recreation Projects

A transformative recreation project is under construction this summer in the Town of Boxford, known as the Boxford Common, that ultimately... more ››

Nantucket Fire Engine

Communities Bring Historical Artifacts Back to Life with CPA

Many communities are home to significant historic artifacts, but those with the Community Preservation Act are fortunate enough to have a... more ››

Peter Igo Park

Marshfield’s CPA-funded Peter Igo Park Earns Tennis Industry’s Public Park of the Year Award

Until recently, Peter Igo Park in the town of Marshfield was a troublesome area for the community. The park had fallen into disrepair due... more ››

Murray Farm Bridgewater

Bridgewater Partners With The Trust for Public Land to Preserve Historic Murray Farm

Open space preservation is a key component of the Community Preservation Act (CPA), and over 23,000 acres have been preserved with CPA... more ››


Archaeology: A Unique Component of CPA Funding

Although it is sometimes overlooked, the ability to fund archaeology projects is a unique and valuable aspect of the Community Preservation... more ››

Regional Projects

Regional Projects Are A Growing Area of Success For CPA

Historic preservation, open space protection, recreation, and affordable housing needs sometimes extend across CPA town boundaries. For... more ››