Working For The Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Coalition is an alliance of open space, affordable housing, and historic preservation organizations working with municipalities to help them understand, adopt, and implement the Massachusetts Community Preservation Act (CPA).

The Coalition was formed in the 1990s with the goal of achieving passage of the Community Preservation Act. With leadership and help from our diverse Steering Committee, the Coalition works to preserve Massachusetts communities’ unique character by advocating for and supporting the Community Preservation Act, advancing smart growth and sustainable development for communities across the Commonwealth.

CPA Data Center

Technical Assistance Database

A database of reference documents to help you understand and correctly implement CPA. Open to member communities only.


Latest CPA News

State House deliberates budget, CPA fundingGovernor Announces Signing of the state budget with CPA Included


At the base of the State House's Grand Staircase, Gov. Patrick signed the FY15 budget, including the transfer of $25 million from the FY14 surplus to the statewide CPA Trust Fund. Click here for details...



Woburn Puts CPA to the Ballot, New Bedford City Council Recommends CPA

Woburn is set to vote this November, while New Bedford awaits Mayor's final approval. Click here for details...