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Senate Includes $30M in State Surplus Funds for CPA in FY24 Budget

Today, the MA Senate made a final vote on its version of the FY24 state budget, and we are thrilled that it includes an amendment to... more ››

2023 HUD Income Limits Released - CPA Limits Posted

The new 2023 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to... more ››

Town of Harvard Votes to Increase CPA Surcharge & Adopt New Exemptions

Yesterday, voters in the town of Harvard passed a CPA ballot measure during their spring election, increasing their CPA surcharge from 1.1... more ››

CPA Adoption Success: Shirley Votes to Become 195th CPA Community

The towns of Danvers and Shirley both had CPA adoption on the ballot during their spring elections yesterday - and while the measure in... more ››

CPA Revocation Effort Fails in New Bedford After Mayoral Veto

An effort by the New Bedford City Council to place a non-binding CPA revocation referendum on the November 2023 ballot has failed. Mayor... more ››

FY24 House Budget Does Not Include Surplus Funds for CPA

Earlier this week, the House completed the debate on their version of the FY24 state budget - and while there was widespread support for... more ››

Danvers & Shirley Voting on CPA Adoption on May 2nd

In just a few short weeks, two communities will be weighing in on CPA adoption: the towns of Danvers and Shirley will both have CPA as a... more ››

Holyoke City Council & Mayor Debate Contentious CPA Surcharge Reduction

Over the last week, the City Council and Mayor of Holyoke have weighed in on an effort to place a CPA surcharge reduction attempt on the... more ››

Town of Duxbury Votes to Increase CPA Surcharge

Over the weekend, voters in the town of Duxbury passed the first CPA ballot measure during this year's spring CPA election season,... more ››

Spring 2023 CPA Election Season: Adoption Efforts, Surcharge Changes, and More

While springtime in Massachusetts often heralds the arrival of both fresh flowers and late-season snowstorms, it also means that the next... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Danvers Voting on CPA Adoption in May

Even during a year with no state or federal election, the enthusiasm for Community Preservation Act adoption is still going strong - now... more ››

Our Annual Report: The Coalition's 2022 Year-in-Review

Reflecting back on 2022, it was another exciting year for the Coalition's work on the Community Preservation Act. Here are some of the... more ››

City of Medford Seeks CPA Manager

The City of Medford is looking to hire a Community Preservation Act Manager to provide administrative assistance to the the city's... more ››

DOR Issues Supplemental $20M Trust Fund Distribution to CPA Communities

The Department of Revenue (DOR) has released the supplemental distribution from $20 million in state budget surplus funds for CPA... more ››

In Memory of Steve Kulik: An Enduring Champion for the Community Preservation Act

The Coalition has received the heartbreaking news that Steve Kulik—an enduring champion for the CPA program for more than two decades—has... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Shirley Places CPA Adoption on 2023 Ballot

Only a few weeks after several stunning Election Day victories for new CPA communities, we already have our first CPA election scheduled... more ››

November 2022 Statewide CPA Trust Fund Distribution Announced

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) released details on the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA... more ››

$20M from State Budget Surplus Confirmed for CPA Trust Fund

It’s been a long and winding road navigating the state budget surplus process this year, but CPA communities can now safely celebrate -... more ››

2022 Election Day Coverage - Big Wins Across the Board for New CPA Communities

This year on Election Day, six communities voted on Community Preservation Act adoption on their local ballots – and we’re excited to... more ››

State Legislature May Not Finalize Surplus Funding for CPA in Time for November 2022 Trust Fund Distribution

Over the summer, we reported that an unusual turn of events disrupted the Legislature’s plans for allocating the state budget surplus,... more ››