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CPA Adoption Update: Shirley Places CPA Adoption on 2023 Ballot

Only a few weeks after several stunning

November 2022 Statewide CPA Trust Fund Distribution Announced

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) released details on the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA... more ››

$20M from State Budget Surplus Confirmed for CPA Trust Fund

It’s been a long and winding road navigating the state budget surplus process this year, but CPA communities can now safely celebrate -... more ››

2022 Election Day Coverage - Big Wins Across the Board for New CPA Communities

This year on Election Day, six communities voted on Community Preservation Act adoption on their local ballots – and we’re excited to... more ››

State Legislature May Not Finalize Surplus Funding for CPA in Time for November 2022 Trust Fund Distribution

Over the summer, we reported that an unusual turn of events disrupted the Legislature’s plans for allocating the state budget surplus,... more ››

Six Communities on the Ballot - 2022 CPA Campaign Coverage

On November 8th, voters in five towns (Boylston, Burlington, Natick, Shelburne, & Westbrough) and one city (Worcester) will be deciding... more ››

$20M for CPA Delayed: State Surplus in Limbo

Last week, Governor Baker declined to sign off on a budget bill that would allocate $20 million in surplus funding for the CPA Trust Fund;... more ››

Governor Baker Declines to Sign $20M for CPA Trust Fund Without Amendments

In an unexpected development, Governor Baker has signed the FY23 State Budget, but he did not approve the language that would provide $20... more ››

Town of Lexington Seeks CPA Administrator

The Town of Lexington is looking to hire a CPA Administrator to provide assistance to the the town's Community Preservation Committee, as... more ››

Open Meeting Law Provisions Extended: CPC's Can Continue Remote Meetings Until 2023

Since 2020, Community Preservation Committees and other public boards and committees have been able to conduct their meetings remotely... more ››

Legislature Votes to Include $20 Million for CPA from FY22 State Budget Surplus

The Coalition is thrilled to announce that CPA communities can expect a substantial boost to this year’s CPA Trust Fund distribution! Just... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Shelburne Votes to Place CPA on November Ballot

2022 is proving to be a busy year for CPA adoption efforts - after a town meeting vote over the weekend, the town of Shelburne has now... more ››

Senate Votes to Adopt Amendment to Support CPA in FY23 State Budget

The Coalition is pleased to report an exciting development for CPA communities! During the Senate FY23 budget debate last night, Senator Jo... more ››

City of Chelsea Seeks CPA Coordinator

The City of Chelsea is looking to hire a Housing & Community Preservation Coordinator to provide administrative assistance to the the... more ››

Become a CPA Community Representative - Apply to Join the Coalition's Steering Committee

The Community Preservation Coalition's Steering Committee is now accepting applications for open “Community Representative” positions.... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Burlington Places CPA Adoption on November Ballot

The town of Burlington is the newest community to pass the initial hurdle of CPA adoption by approving of an adoption measure at their town... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Natick & Boylston Place CPA on November Ballot

Town Meetings in both Natick and Boylston have now voted to place the question of CPA adoption on the state election ballot this November.... more ››

CPA Adoption Success: Pepperell Votes to Become 189th CPA Community

The Community Preservation Act continues to see exciting results in 2022 - last night, the town of Pepperell voted to become the 189th CPA... more ››

2022 HUD Income Limits Released - CPA Limits Posted

The new 2022 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to... more ››

DOR Issues Estimate for Fall 2022 CPA Trust Fund Distribution

The Department of Revenue (DOR) has released its CPA estimate for municipalities, projecting a 35% base match for the November 2022 first... more ››