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CPA Adoption Update: Clarksburg Town Meeting Advances CPA to the Ballot

Summer is approaching soon, but spring town meeting season isn't over yet - last night, the town of Clarksburg successfully advanced CPA... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Swampscott Becomes 7th Town to Place CPA on 2024 Ballot

Over the last several weeks, multiple communities have passed CPA measures at their respective spring town meetings - and now Swampscott is... more ››

DOR Issues Projection for Fall 2024 CPA Trust Fund Distribution

The Department of Revenue (DOR) has released updated guidance regarding the November 2024 CPA Trust Fund distribution. DOR is now... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Halifax & Rutland Advance CPA to November Ballot

So far this year, six communities have had CPA adoption proposals come up at town meeting, and all six have succeeded in advancing CPA to... more ››

Groveland Voters “Save CPA” During Spring Election

Over the 24-year history of the CPA program, news regarding revocation attempts has been incredibly rare—after all, the last time that a... more ››

Higher Interest Rates Provide Silver Lining for the CPA Trust Fund

While collections for the CPA Trust Fund this year have been trending downwards, there is a silver lining - higher investment returns have... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Sheffield Next to Advance CPA to November Ballot

So far this year, we've already seen four town meetings across the state approve of CPA adoption proposals - and the latest to advance CPA... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Spencer & Winchester Both Place CPA on November Ballot

Last night, Town Meetings in both Spencer and Winchester voted to place the question of CPA adoption on the ballot for the upcoming... more ››

City of Worcester Seeks CPA Manager

The City of Worcester is looking to hire a Community Preservation Act Manager to provide assistance to the the city's Community... more ››

2024 HUD Income Limits Released - CPA Limits Posted

The new 2024 Housing and Urban Development (HUD) income guidelines have been released. These figures are used by CPA communities to... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Sherborn is First to Place CPA on November 2024 Ballot

Town Meeting season has begun in Massachusetts - and while many of the 196 CPA communities will be discussing their upcoming slate of... more ››

CPA Opposition Group in Danvers Runs Afoul of State Campaign Finance Law

The Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OCPF) has just released a ruling concerning campaign activities conducted by a... more ››

February Revenue Report Shows Signs of Improvement for the CPA Trust Fund

Each month, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue releases a report known as the “Blue Book,” which includes the latest data on statewide... more ››

Year-End CPA Financial Reports Now Publicly Available on DOR Database

Each year, CPA municipalities are required to submit several reports to the state - and one of those reports is the CP-2, or the Community... more ››

November 2023 Statewide Trust Fund Distribution Announced

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality today.... more ››

CPA Adoption Success: Amesbury Votes to Become 196th CPA Community

While there was only a single municipality with CPA adoption on the ballot this fall, the measure passed with flying colors: last night,... more ››

Court Sides with Holyoke Mayor in CPA Ballot Question Dispute

Earlier this year, Holyoke Mayor Joshua Garcia vetoed a city council order that would have placed the question of a CPA surcharge reduction... more ››

CPA Adoption Update: Amesbury Voting on CPA Adoption in November

After their city council approved of the measure over the summer, residents in Amesbury will now be voting on CPA adoption as a ballot... more ››

City of Framingham Seeks CPA Coordinator

The City of Framingham is looking to hire a Community Preservation Act Coordinator to provide assistance to the the city's Community... more ››

Our FY23 Annual Report: The Coalition's Year-in-Review

Our annual report is an overview of the Coalition's activities on behalf of CPA municipalities during the last year - as well as a preview... more ››