Year-End CPA Financial Reports Now Publicly Available on DOR Database

CP-2 Report DatabaseEach year, CPA municipalities are required to submit several reports to the state - and one of those reports is the CP-2, or the Community Preservation Fund Report. The CP-2 report requires that municipalities provide detailed records regarding the financial components of its local CPA program. Until now, there has not been an easy way to obtain the year-end CP-2 financial statements for each CPA community - but in response to a long-standing request from the Coalition to make this information publicly accessible, the staff at the Department of Revenue's Data Analytics and Resources Bureau has just launched a new database of these annual CP-2 Reports.

DOR’s new CP-2 Report Database allows users to look up each CPA community’s most recent CP-2 report, as well as historical reports dating back to 2006. The data fields in the CP-2 detail each municipality’s CPA revenues and expenditures across the different CPA funding categories, as well as the year-end balance for all CPA reserve accounts. Additionally, the report details each community’s administrative expenditures, interest earned, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Why does my community have missing information on the CP-2 Database? If a municipality has neglected to submit its CP-2 report by the annual October 31st deadline, there may be blank fields or missing entries in DOR’s database. Because this CPA financial data is self-reported by each community, any questions regarding missing information should be directed to individual municipalities or DOR.
  • There’s a lot of information here – is there an easier way to analyze this data? Because the CP-2 covers many different aspects of each municipality’s CPA financial information, the Coalition has created several reports that break down different aspects of these data points:
  • What about other data points on CPA communities, like adoption details, project spending, Community Preservation Committee bylaws & ordinances? In addition to the newly available financial data from DOR’s CP-2 form, the Coalition’s CPA Databank page has dozens of reports that offer a deep dive into everything about CPA.
  • Are CPA funds in my community’s reserve accounts supposed to receive interest? The CPA legislation requires that any interest earned on cash sitting in a community’s CPA fund must be credited back to the fund. The new DOR database makes it easy to confirm that your community's CPA program is being credited with this interest!