Welcome to the CPA Projects Database!

This tool allows you to search and filter completed CPA projects across Massachusetts. The database contains information submitted to the state Department of Revenue (DOR) by individual communities about their annual CPA achievements. The project database is updated each fall and periodically throughout the year.

Before accessing the database, please take note of the following:

All information in the database is self-reported by CPA communities and submitted to DOR annually. The Community Preservation Coalition does not collect the information in this database, nor do we monitor or verify the project information for accuracy or compliance with CPA. All questions on projects should be addressed to local community officials, as the Coalition does not have any additional details.

CPA allowable use determinations are made locally. Therefore, groups applying for CPA funding should not rely upon project information from other communities as precedents for their funding request, nor should projects from other communities be cited to support a funding request in your community.

By clicking the Access button below, you are acknowledging that you have read and understand the limitations on the project information.