November 2021 Statewide Trust Fund Distribution Announced

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) released the Community Preservation Trust Fund distribution for each CPA municipality today. In total, over $79 million was paid to the 177 communities eligible for a distribution. All CPA communities received a 39.4% match on round one of the trust fund distribution this year. Communities that adopted CPA with a full 3% local property tax surcharge received a higher percentage. 

A Record High and Four Straight Years of Increased Distributions

This year marks the single largest distribution of funds to CPA communities in the history of the program, even taking into consideration the years in which state budget surplus funds were added to the CPA Trust Fund. The $79.7 million distributed to CPA communities smashed the previous record distribution of $68.1 million set in 2007. Additionally, for almost all communities, this was the fourth straight year that the Trust Fund distribution increased.

These impressive results are only possible because of the important legislation that was passed in 2019 to bring new revenue to the CPA program. The Community Preservation Coalition championed the efforts to increase the fees at the State’s Registries of Deeds that generate revenue for the CPA Trust Fund. Because this increase did not go into effect until the end of 2019, this was the first full year of collections with the new fees fully implemented. Take a look at this chart for a “before and after” view of the dramatic increase in Trust Fund revenue following the increase.

We were proud to take the lead on the 2019 legislation, and we’ll continue to monitor the health of the Trust Fund in the coming years.

What Did My Community Receive In Today’s Trust Fund Distribution?

Click on the links below for details on this year's distribution and to view the specific distribution amounts for each community:

> SPREADSHEET: Click here for the CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for each municipality <

>> PDF VERSION: Click here for the CPA Trust Fund distribution amount for each municipality <<

Statistics From This Year's Distribution: 

  • Total municipalities qualifying for a trust fund distribution on November 15, 2021: 177
  • Match percentage received by municipalities with a CPA local property tax surcharge of less than 3%: 39.4% 
  • Match percentage received by municipalities with the maximum CPA local property tax surcharge of 3%: Range of 40% to 100% 
  • Number of municipalities receiving a full 100% match: 17
  • Community with largest Trust Fund Distribution: Boston ($9,103,767)
  • Community with the smallest Trust Fund Distribution: Gosnold ($1,261)
  • Total payout in first round distribution: $70,469,435
  • Total payout in second round distribution: $5,998,793
  • Total payout in third round distribution: $3,294,953
  • Total payout for all rounds: $79,763,181

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