Race for Swansea CPC Spot Heats Up

Mar. 15, 2013: Although most CPA communities appoint members to their local Community Preservation Committee (CPC), these positions can also be elected. As stipulated in Section 5a of the CPA statute, the CPC may be assembled by election, appointment, or a combination of the two. Harvard, Pelham, Mattapoisett, Nantucket, Northampton, Southampton, Swansea, and Templeton hold elections to determine who will take their CPCs' at-large seats when the position's term has expired, or an at-large member resigns. For more information, visit our page about CPCs.

It is rare, but not unheard of, for a CPC elected position opening to spur a hotly contested race. Northampton often has competition for its CPC members, and campaign signs and even campaign websites are common for those races. And the most recent example can be found in Swansea, where incumbent Helen Tackett seeks to defeat her challenger Harold Higgins, and renew her three year term as an at-large member of the CPC. The election will take place on April 8, 2013. Read the full story from the Somerset/Swansea Spectator.