Gallery of CPA Project Signs

July 2017: Many CPA communities have adopted a policy of posting signs at CPA-funded project sites to let members of the public know how their CPA dollars are being spent. In some cases the signs are funded as part of the project expense, and in others the CPC uses administrative funds.

This is a great way to educate fellow community members about the Community Preservation Act, as well as to generate enthusiasm for local projects made possible through the CPA program. When residents can see tangible results of their CPA dollars at work, they will be more likely to be interested in and supportive of your community’s future CPA efforts!

Boxford Sign

Boxford Conservation Area

Bridgewater Sign

Bridgewater Town Hall

Cambridge Sign

Cambridge Historic Project

Concord Sign

Concord General Use

Dennis Sign

Dennis Playground

Gloucester Sign

Gloucester General Use

Hanover Sign

Hanover "CPA Funds at Work"

Hatfield Sign

Hatfield General Use

Hubbardston Sign

Hubbardston Plaque at First Parish Church

Northampton Sign

Northampton Historical Museum

Peabody Sign

Peabody Bikeway

Marshfield Sign

Marshfield Peter Igo Park

Plymouth Sign

Plymouth Hedge House Sign

Salem Sign

Salem Library

Scituate Sign

Scituate Habitat Housing

Somerville Sign

Somerville Community Path

Wellfleet Sign

Wellfleet Bridge

Westport Sign

Westport Conservation Area